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Web Summit 2016

Epsilon is proud to announce that it had participated in Web Summit 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal, from 7th - 10th November. Our CEO and Founder, Hassan Hamed, was presenting Epsilon, showcasing its ability to analyze the activities of different social media platforms, in addition to its usability, flexibility and efficiency.

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Epsilon For Brands

Epsilon for Brands

The Right Content, Right Now

Stale content will not help your brand get more engagement, and creating the right content will take time that you don’t have. However, what if the right piece of content is out there, waiting for you to just grab it? That’s exactly what our content marketplace will help you do; get the right content.

Creative People Wanted

Brands are always looking for the next big thing to share. Epsilon's content marketplace helps you contact the best creative minds in top agencies all over the world, brief them, and get their work on your social media quickly and easily, saving you hours of painful approvals.

Pitch it!

With our interactive pitch facility, not only will you have the best creative minds competing to give you the best content, but you will also be able to manage the processes and approvals of stakeholders, all online. No large meetings. No fuss. Just good content streamlined to wow your audience.

Epsilon For Creators

Get in the Scene

With top brands on the platform looking for people to develop their content and their social presence, it is your chance to shine and build a name in the social content field. Get yourself noticed NOW!

Plan Your Next Masterpiece

In our marketplace, you will be able to learn what it is that brands need and participate in the pitches they offer for content.

Influencers, Welcome!

OK, maybe you just want to do something interesting and create a lot of engaging content, and we bet there is a brand out there would like you to create content for. Why don’t you just get in the marketplace and get them interested?

Epsilon for Creators

Epsilon For Agencies

Epsilon for Agencies

Don't Overwork

Your creative team is busy. They’re handling briefs, clients and pitches. So don’t just burden them with more tasks; let our extensive network of creative people and influencers shape the message and spread it for your clients. This will definitely improve your workload in more ways than you can imagine.

Get in the Driver's Seat

Analyze your competition's content strategy and know where it is they get their content from. It’s incredibly easy to make decisions when you’re using Epsilon.

Get the Content You Know Will Work

With the help of Epsilon Analytics, you will only need to create the content, and choose the creator / influencer that will work with your client and grant them guaranteed results. No matter what they do, there is always someone out there who will fit your profile. Using human layer technology, Epsilon will recommend creators / influencers for you just by selecting your client’s Facebook page and telling you the odds of the success of their content, as well as showing you similar pieces of content they did in the same field.

Why Epsilon

Epsilon is the letter "E" in Greek Latin. We’ve always been fascinated with e=mc2, as energy is where it all starts from. Epsilon stands for energy, the energy that drives your content and social media towards frontiers you never thought possible.

About Epsilon

About Epsilon


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